We are licensed Mitek fabricators with the ability to design and certify a wide range of beams, trusses, and wall frames. These are manufactured in our own factory to the high standard required by our environmental conditions.

Northland is rated a High Wind Load area, but coastal sites are Very High Wind Load and require special consideration in the design and attachment of roof trusses.
Most new homes in Northland are individually designed and built on site to suit the location, the climate, and the innovative ideas of the designer. The Manufacturing Division uses the latest computer technology to build Gang nail wall frames and trusses for on-site erection.

Prenailed Wall Frames

Fabricated in our Manufacturing Division from a wide variety of designs. The stack of frames is transported to site by hiab truck, and stood up on site by the builder. The technology used, and the time saved on site often means the house is built better, quicker, and cheaper than traditional on-site methods. Kiln dried timber should be exposed to the weather for as short a time as possible, and valuable time can be saved by using prenailed wall frames.

Roof Trusses

Designed and certified using Gangnail software, then made in our own factory. They are often lifted into place by hiab, then fixed to the wall framing by the builder using certified connectors. Timber roof trusses can be made to any size or shape, and the designers’ imagination is limited only by the logistics of transport to site.


Three types of beams can be designed and built under licence:
– Gangnail Flitch beams
– Ganglam Timber beams – Check out the Gangnail website @ www.miteknz.co.nz
– Posistrut rafters and joists

Interior Doors

Prehung in jambs ready for fitting in the wall frame on site.

Trellis and Lattice

A wide range of quality trellis, lattice, and fence panels are made in the factory, and stocked at Whangarei ITM Building Centre. Special sizes can be made to order with minimal delay.

Outdoor Furniture, etc

Planters, garden arches, and a range of outdoor furniture are all made from treated NZ radiata pine, and marketed exclusively by Whangarei ITM.