We carry a full range of timbers to suit any of your building projects.

We have Rosvall Sawmill and Northpine as the main suppliers of timber.
Framing & Construction Timber
Framing timber
Joists & rafters
Boards & fascia
Panelling & mouldings
Engineered wood products
Foundation Piles
Decking, hardwood & composite decking
Fencing posts & rail
Fence palings
Landscape timbers – retaining & rough sawn
Plywood & Panels
H3 Treated plywood
Untreated plywood
Marine plywood
Plyroof & Plyfloor
Barrier & Bracing Plywood
Exterior Cladding range of plywood
Hardwood plywood
Speciality plywoods

Rosvall Sawmill Ltd is a modern Lumber/Timber Processing Sawmill.

Specialising in cutting Radiata Pine; targeting Clearwood and structural production. We operate a modern sawmill combined with a kiln complex with modern Windsor kilns, also a CCA pressure treatment plant and planermill. We also offer a full range of treatment via a custom treater. We are located in the North of the North Island of New Zealand, and we service markets both Nationally and Internationally.

NorthpineNorthland pine plantations produce the strongest and stiffest pine grown in New Zealand. We choose only the best of this sustainable resource to produce our high quality timber products. These trees, grown in sustainable forests at low altitude and in warm temperatures, produce timber characterised by relatively high density and hardness, good machinability and excellent finishing properties. By purchasing only the most suitable of the available Northland logs we ensure our products are of superior quality and consistency.